As with any other manufacturer, Samsung puts its products through strict durability tests as part of the company’s quality control. We’ve seen plenty of drop tests in the real world, as well as the so-called “torture tests” from some YouTube videos, but how exactly does Samsung conduct their internal stress tests?

The Samsung Tomorrow YouTube channel has released a video to show just how rigorous the Korean company tests the Galaxy S4 before releasing it to the market. Among others, there are the customary drop tests, tumble tests, as well as the impact tests. In addition to that, Samsung also appears to add more extensive tests into the mix, such as submerging a working Galaxy S4 into a body of water for “dozens of seconds”, as well as putting them in an oven to stimulate how the device reacts when used in places with high temperature and humidity.

While we may have missed out on some details (the video is narrated in Korean) it does appear that Samsung’s flagship may look and feel a little cheap, but it certainly can hold its own when things get rough.

(Source: Samsung Tomorrow (YouTube) via Engadget)