Think that your Facebook News Feed is too wordy, plain and boring? Facebook is reported to be spicing things up a little with some Flipboard-style news feed called the Reader. Not to be mistaken with the Facebook app we all already have, Reader is rumored to be a standalone story browser app and apparently, they have been working on it for about a year now.

No further information is available, but based on one of the social network’s latest updates – addition of hashtag support – it seems like this report might just be true since hashtags can help users keep track of certain topics. There are also some unused RSS elements inside Facebook’s Graph API that could come in hand for a reader app.

Reported by Wall Streets Journal, the app is designed for the iPhone and iPad and is aimed at getting users interested in reading public posts that are trending within the social network. Another reader anyone?

(Source: Engadget, PhoneArena)