iOS 7 Head Movement

It looks like iOS 7 has a lot more to it than meets the eye, since the release of the first beta, many additional features that were not announced in WWDC 2013 have been discovered – Siri can learn to pronounce names, there are hidden settings that allows nested folders and more, and iOS 7 will support external gaming controls and now, it looks like you can use your head movements to control your iOS 7 device.

Hidden under Settings menu within the Accessibility option under the General settings, is a feature called Switch Control. It’s within the Accessibility tab so the feature is presumably for those with disability, providing an extra option for the needy to use their device. Users can opt to control the Control Switch by tilting their head left or right, for example, you can set to “Select Item” for “Left Head Movement”.

The feature is still pretty buggy now, I had a hard time trying to deactivate it so if you’re running on beta iOS 7 right now, I suggest you to leave it as it is.  In case you accidently turned it on and your screen is doing some funky stuffs, it is said that triple tapping on the home button will deactivate it – I went through the hard (and slow) method of waiting it to highlight what I want before tapping on to it.

Let’s hope Apple will put the new feature to use on different apps like say, scan your head movement to scroll up/down on a webpage. Check out 9to5Mac’s video for a demonstration.

(Source: 9to5Mac)