Now that Maxis has finally taken the covers off its HTC One phone bundling, as always, check out a telco price comparison from us. The flagship HTC smartphone that boasts an impressive design, a whole list of new features, as well as the one-of-a-kind Ultrapixel camera is now available in Malaysia, as well as from major local telcos – DiGi, U Mobile, Celcom and Maxis. Get it from as low as RM1,269 from DiGi, as low as RM1,488 from U Mobile, as low as RM1,428 from Celcom, or as low as RM1,299 from Maxis, when you sign up for a 12-, 18- or 24-months contract from the telco; contract duration differs from telco to telco.

We’ve broken down the price according to monthly commitment so depending on what you can afford on a monthly basis, so hit the break for the comparisons.

Monthly Commitment below RM80

HTC One Price Comparison Below 80 2Click to enlarge

Monthly Commitment ranging from RM80 to RM100

HTC One Price Comparison 80 to 100 2Click to enlarge

Monthly commitment ranging from RM100 to RM150

HTC One Price Comparison 100 to 150 2Click to Enlarge

Monthly commitment above RM140

HTC One Price Comparison 140 and above 2Click to enlarge

Cheapest device price

Cheapest Device Price 2Click to enlarge