Maxis SGS3  1699 Main

 Now that the Samsung Galaxy S IV has officially been unveiled by Samsung, here comes the fun part – watching older devices get a price drop, so if you really do not need a tiny bit bigger display with Full HD quality, a faster processor and all those fancy software that Samsung boasted earlier this morning, the Samsung Galaxy S III is now available for a retail price of RM1,699, in Maxis at least.

Maxis is offering the Samsung Galaxy S III with its usual Value Plus/Value First plans with a data plan, as well as with its SurfMore plans:

Maxis SGS3 1699

Unfortunately though, the price change has not been reflected in other telco phone bundles…yet. We’ll keep our eye peeled for any price changes and keep you informed. Meanwhile, how many of you will opt for the GS3 instead of the GS4 because of the price? Dare I assume, the GS4 will cost no less than RM2,199 at launch (GS3 retailed at RM2,199 when it was launched last year, dropped to RM1,999 when Samsung announced the Note II) and with such a drastic price difference now, will you pick the GS3 instead?

Maxis SGS3 1699 Value Maxis SGS3 1699 SurfMore