DiGi Lumia 610 Free

Every now and then, DiGi will come out with some really good offer that can get you a free phone with a 12 months contract under one of the more affordable plans. If my memory doesn’t fail me, the HTC Evo 3D was free with 12 months of Smart Plan 68 as with Nokia N9 – the total cost of ownership is RM816 (cheaper than the retail price of the devices), and if you’ve been waiting for another round of such promotion, here it is. Get the Nokia Lumia 610 for free when you sign up for a 12 months contract under the new DG Smart Plan 58.

In conjunction with Earth Hour last Saturday, DiGi started the promotion as a one day-only offer but it looks like they have extended it because the deal is still available for purchase on its Store Online. Pick the Nokia Lumia 610 (black) along with DG Smart Plan 58 postpaid plan, and the device can be yours for free. An advance payment is required but if you qualify for a waiver, the amount will be deducted when the purchase is complete.

DG Smart Plan 58 comes with 200 minutes of free calls and 200 free SMS (same network only), and 2GB of data.

DiGi Lumia 610 Free TableVisit DiGi for more information.