Asus HD 7790 DirectCU II

Right after the new AMD Radeon HD 7790 GPU was officially introduced to the world last week, Asus didn’t waste any time to reveal its own take on the GPU through the new Asus HD 7790 DirectCU II graphics card.

As the name implies, the graphics card is equipped with the company’s own DirectCU II thermal solution that comes complete with dual 80mm fans, copper heatpipes with direct contact on the GPU and an aluminium shroud – all working together to cool down the card with up to 20% lower operating temperature as compared to a reference card.

Additionally, the GPU on Asus HD 7790 Direct CU II is already overclocked out of the box although not by much at 1075MHz instead of the standard’s 1000MHz. Its 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 memory is also running at a slightly overclocked speed of 6400MHz. Their speeds as well as several other areas of the card can be further tweaked using the bundled GPU Tweak software.

Asus Malaysia has confirmed that the new Asus HD 7790 Direct CU II is already available in our market ahead of AMD’s own official release date for Radeon HD 7790 that is said to be sometime in early April. While that might sounds rather weird, do contact your favorite hardware retailer to check out the card’s actual availability from them.

[Source: Asus Malaysia]