Here is something really interesting that Acer Malaysia has shared with us during its brief visit to our HQ with the new Intel Atom-based Acer Liquid C1 smartphone yesterday. Apparently, the company is planning to launch a “Try Before You Buy” program specially for the new device.

While the actual mechanics have not yet been finalized, this is how the program will generally work:

-          A customer walk in to participating store and pays full price for the Acer Liquid C1 smartphone.

-          He or she will then be loaned a unit for the next three days.

-          Once the 3-days trial period is over, the customer will then return back to the store and if one decides that he or she loves the Acer Liquid C1 smartphone, he or she will receive a brand new unit after returning the loan unit.

-          Otherwise, the customer will then be refunded the full amount that he or she paid for the device.

We were made to understand that the program will be involving selected retailers throughout Malaysia.

As unique as the program might sound, will it greatly help promote Acer Liquid C1 smartphone to Malaysian consumers? What do you think? Let us know through the comment section.