Filthy rich? Don’t wish to spend your money on things the ordinary people can afford? Then check out the new handsets from Vertu – Constellation Blue and Constellation Quest Blue that looks pretty normal, except for the blue tone that I absolutely love.

The Vertu Constellation Blue is a touchscreen device with a 3.5” nHD high contrast AMOLED display, Symbian OS, 8MP rear camera, 32GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, 3G, and GPS connectivity while the Constellation Quest Blue is a QWERTY device with a small 2.46” VGA display that totally reminds me of Nokia’s E series, 4GB of storage, and all those regular stuffs under the hood. But the unique things about Vertu handsets that makes up for its exclusive price range is not the technology used or its overall design that honestly, just looks like a pimped up Nokia Symbian device to me, it’s the material used to make and how each phone are hand-crafted.

Both the Constellation Blue phones are hand-crafted using only the finest materials. They are made out of polished ultra hard blue PVD stainless steel, blue carbon fibre composite pillow and back plate, blue metallic sapphire menu key, 2-tone blue rubberized leather, features Sapphire Crystal display, and exclusive ringtones and alerts played by the London Symphony Orchestra. As with all Vertu Constellation devices, they come with exclusive Vertu services.

No words on the pricing yet but as with all Vertu products, they won’t be cheap; even with specs like that, I’m sure they’re going to cost a couple of bombs.

(Source: PhoneArena, Vertu)

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