Taking over the role of editor during a milestone such as the tenth year of awesomeness was a daunting task in itself. Coming in to fill the massive shoes of my mentor Wern Shen was no mean feat, however what made it infinitely easier to slip into the role was the presence of one hell of a team. Being supported and inspired on a daily basis by my Deputy Editor Huei as well as writers Chapree and Pang has given me one of the easiest and most fulfilling jobs on the face of the earth.

For Lowyat.NET to grow to where is is today, sitting at a cool 6.5million Uniques a month and having the undisputed title of Malaysia’s Largest Online Community as well as being pretty much a household name could not be possible without YOU, our readers and forumers. Every troll post on /k/, every [WTS] and subsequent “Best Price Bro”, every piece of advice on Cupid’s Corner and every serious discussion on property talk has brought Lowyat.NET to where we are today and for that, on behalf of everyone on our team, I thank you.

So for the next 10 years, I can’t guarantee that i’ll still be at the helm come the big 2-0 but all i know for sure, is that we will definitely be bigger, badder and better than before. I’m doing my dream job thanks to all of you.

Happy 10th Birthday Lowyat.NET!


I felt unqualified to speak as an editor for Lowyat.NET especially since my tenure has been rather short, so here are some messages from the previous 2 editors Nigel and Wern Shen After the jump!

Nigel has gone a long way since its early days and I’m proud and honoured to have been part of it. Though my time as editor of the site was pretty short, I can say it was one of the most memorable and educational part of my working career.  Back in 2007, was already making a name for itself. It was already on its way to being the most influential forum in Malaysia and the nascent editorial site was just getting its legs.  Though it was run by a rather small team, it showed that you don’t always need a big corporation to really succeed. So Happy 10th and may the site and forum continue to grow.

Wern Shen

Coming from a background in magazines, I looked at Lowyat.NET’s front page with only one objective in mind when I started – to turn it into an internationally recognized news portal – and I am proud to see how fast it has grown.

From an average of 1 million hits a month, daily traffic grew to 4 million hits a month by the end of my tenure, and for that, I thank you for your continuous support.

Having passed on the torch to Lucas and his team, I wish Lowyat.NET all the best for the decade ahead.

Lastly, I would like to thank all you readers for your support and feedback. It has been a pleasure serving you over the years, and your support is the reason why Lowyat.NET has been able to grow into what it is today.

Wern Shen

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