Some say Nokia’s new Lumia 920 is a tank. And that it is the most innovative smartphone. All we know is, this is quite possibly the most durable smartphone…in the world.

Okay, fine, maybe that is a tad exaggerated especially when there military-grade smartphones around, but as a consumer device, the Lumia 920 is unparalled. At a time when other smartphones have troubles with little scuffs and scratches, the guys at are pushing the limits to find the Lumia 920’s breaking point…literally.

In the drop test video posted last week on YouTube, the Lumia 920 went through quite a beating, but some of us who watched it felt that it wasn’t as intense as it should be. For instance, there was no six foot drop with the Lumia 920’s screen facing downwards. Well, turns out had crazier ideas for their stress test of the Lumia 920.

Using the same Lumia 920 from the drop test, the stress test used keys, long knives and eventually a rubber mallet, but the Lumia 920 barely breaks a sweat. Scratches, for the most part, barely leave a mark after a little rub-down. And the screen is just…wow.

It’s probably the best eight minute advertisement Nokia could (and should) endorse to go along with those Switch to Lumia ads.

(Source: GSMarena)

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